MTV1000 Transport Ventilator

MTV1000 Transport ventilator device has been designed both for fixed use in intensive case and for transport.

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Uninterrupted 3-Hour Use Function

This is a compact, safe and user-friendly ventilation system with a built-in ultra performance battery that offers the advantage of minimum of 3-hour use.

Very Lightweight

It is designed for both adults and children that need invasive or non-invasive ventilation support. Manufactured with a battery and an ultra quiet turbine that weighs only 8 kg, MEK branded MTV 1000 model can accompany your patient independently from the central gas and power supply thanks to its compact design. You do not have to extubate your patient for transfer, so it reduces your work load while increasing the safety and comfort of your patient. It does not require any diverse circuits since it can operate with standard patient circuits.

O2 Stream (Nazal High Flow Therapy-HFNC) function is offered as standard in our transport ventilator. It is also possible to perform the nasal high flow support with ventilators at the weaning stage and in appropriate age groups without the need for changing the device.

Standard ventilation modes; PACV, PSIMV, VACV, VSIMV, Spont+/CPAP, PRVC, Auto, O2 – Stream, Apnea back-up

Optional Functions: ETCO2, SPO2 and integrated Nebulizator system

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